ABOUT – Regal Construction is a nationally known company for providing About Regal Construction
high quality workmanship for the food industry. We are centrally located in Southern Indiana, completing projects across the United States.  We travel to our customer’s location, meeting with engineering and maintenance to discuss how our experienced team will solve their problems.

We instill in our customers confidence because we believe in doing the project correct the first time.

Our professional teams work around any production schedule because we know how critical it can be for a non-scheduled down time to occur.

We believe that there are no jobs too big – Regal Construction can provide your turn key solutions.

 Know who’s working for you.

From the moment you step into the door at Regal Construction, you will feel welcome and at home.


Once our team has seen the project, all of the information is brought back to Regal to discuss the plan to fix your problems.


Final approval is given to the products and services required for your job.


Regal will contact you to discuss our plans and approve the process.


Our team designs your custom products for each job.


All designs are sent to machines to start making the products specific to your needs.


3-D models are created to ensure everything works together and is right the first time.


All chains and pertinent parts are in stock and available for drafters to get correct dimensions and fit products before the finished product is delivered to you.


All items are in stock and can be sent out the next day.


Regal offers great customer service.


Regal offers emergency shipping overnight. It is always successful.  The Regal crew is a great team who is here for you!

To learn more about Regal Construction, give us a call today!