Box Repair

Regal can repair your box to save you money.  Regal can do it all, paint, door repairs, panel repair, ceiling repair, and more!

box repair

Panel Repair

panel repair

Door & Window Repair

Regal repairs box doors and windows as well.  As you can tell below, some floor work can be involved in a job like this, but not to worry, Regal can tackle that as well!  Old doors and windows can let a lot of warm air in.  A simple door and or window repair can help save a lot of money in cooling costs.

july 06CIMG0082

Door & Floor During

july 06CIMG0081

Door & Floor Before

july 06CIMG0119

Door After

july 06CIMG0120

Door & Floor After


Service Entrance Plug Started


Service Entrance Plug Finished