Northfield Cooler – SOLD

This unit has been sold.

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We now have some used spirals for sale for those interested.  If interested, please contact one of our representatives for more information and pricing by calling our office at (812)886-1076.


Spiral Direction: Uprunner

Spiral Layout: 270°

Belt Type: 30” Wide, E1 1×1

Belt Length: 1,549′ Active; 1,850’ Total

Number of Tiers: 31

Tier Spacing: 5-1/8″

Product Clearance: 2-3/4″

Cage Radius: 65.9219”

Drive Bars: ½” x 1”

Spiral Footprint: 17′ 6″

Infeed Height: 42″

Outfeed Height: 157″

Drive System: Main Drive Gearbox #4000 Chain Driven


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