Regal Red R7100

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  • Regal is proud to announce our proprietary spiral/conveyor plastic belting.
  • We offer professional advice and will work with your company to get the best belting system for your individual needs.
  • End flanges and lane dividers can be added and customized to fit your needs.  There are many options available.
  • Regal guarantees lower prices on belting with on-time delivery.
  • Be sure to talk with our professional engineers and technicians before purchasing belting to get the best belting system for your company.
  • Regal Red R7100 spiral belting can be refurbished, at a significant savings to our customers, and will be as good a quality as new belting at a fraction of the cost.  Links and rods may be replaced within minutes.  Watch the following video to see how easy our belts can be repaired. WATCH VIDEO  This will save you money and downtime.
  • Our Regal Belting is assembled in house and inspected before delivered.  Check out this video to our in house assembly.


Material: Acetal

  • Fatigue resistant
  • Good abrasion resistance

Material Features:

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • Low friction

Specific Gravity: 0.051 lb/in3

Water Absorption: 24hr, 73deg (0.22%)

Shear Strength: 7960 psi

Tensile Strength: 9000 psi

Outer Edge Ultimate Tensile Strength: 550 lbf

Rockwell Hardness (M-scale): 80

Flame Rating: HB (slow-burn, self-extinguishing)

Belt Weight: 2.13 lb/ft2

Belt Thickness: 0.625 in.

Max. Operating Temperature: 180 deg F

Min. Operating Temperature: -50 deg F

Melting Temperature: 320 deg F

FDA certified for food contract

Turn Radius: 1.42 ratio


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