Stainless Belting

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You are only a step away from reducing your downtime and maintenance!  Let us help you find the stainless steel belting that’s right for your processes – Contact us at (812) 886-1076 today.  By working together, we can guarantee you get the right fit for your needs.

In 1922, the weaving of spiral wire mesh belting had begun.  The ability to perform processes directly on a belt changed the way American manufacturing was accomplished.  By partnering with customers, engineering expertise and manufacturing has been honed to the highest quality stainless steel conveyor belting in the marketplace.  This belting is able to withstand the harshest processes and the most extreme environments.

Belts Available:

  • Cam-Grid
  • Cam-Grid Xtra
  • Cambri-Link
  • Chain Drive Belts
  • DiaCrimp
  • DuraFlex
  • DuraHinge
  • DuraLite
  • Eye-Link
  • Flat Seat
  • Furnace Balanced Flat Seat
  • Leading Edge Performance Grid
  • Leading Edge Performance Link
  • Pactitan
  • Pactite
  • Precision
  • Round Wire
  • Sani-Grid


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