Regal Red R7100 Belting

Working with various belt manufacturers allows us the opportunity to choose the best operating belt for your particular product, whether it is stainless or plastic.

We have developed a spiral for both stainless and plastic belting. If a customer would decide to convert from plastic belt to stainless steel belt in the future, it can be done with no major changes, unlike our competitors attempting to change stainless steel belting to plastic belting.

Get rid of the blue goo and go red!

Save money on oil and run time.  Regal Red R7100 belts do not need to be oiled just to run and will not leave a residue.  See the examples below how the competitors belt leaves the residue behind costing you money.



Regal Red R7100 BeltingRegal Red is also energy saving!  The old blue belt had a 149″ overdrive.  In the photo to the right, you can see that the Regal Red Belt as an 18″ overdrive in one turn and in one tier.  Regal Red Belting has 131″ less overdrive per tier.  This particular spiral has 32 tiers.

That’s a total of 4,192″ or 349.3′ difference in overdrive in each turn for the entire spiral!

With the old blue belt on it, this particular spiral turns 349.3 feet more every 45 minutes.  In a 24 hour period, that’s a total of 11,177.6 feet.  In one year, that’s a total of 4,079,824 feet…

The Regal Red Belt saves the amount of energy it takes to turn the old blue belt 4,079,824 feet and that’s just one spiral system.  This company has 16 spirals… how many do you have?


Pinnacle @ Jackson Tenn Pancake Line Building #22 074

Regal installs a yellow strip in their belt to make calculating overdrive easier.  It also helps when cleaning the belt.  You have a start/finish line to know where you have cleaned and where you still need to clean.  It is also easy to see when the belt has made one full rotation.




Belt Assembly

All Regal Red Belts are assembled in-house and thoroughly inspected before shipping.

Belt Splicing How-To Video

 Check out how easy it is to splice the Regal Red belting.  If you are ever in a crunch, you can do these simple steps to fix your belt.  You don’t have to worry about calling someone out and being down for days.


Regal R7100 Belts with “non-stick” coating

As you can see below, Regal’s belting has a non-stick coating.  Your product will come right off of the Regal Belting and you don’t have to worry about your product sticking to our belting.