Regal Construction

Regal Construction Inc. travels all across the United States to deliver and install their spiral systems on-site from beginning to end.

With over two decades of working on poorly designed spirals has allowed us to create the finest spiral conveyor system.

Regal Construction Inc. is the only spiral manufacturer that utilizes full-time, trained professional millwrights and foremen for your installation. We never send a foreman with an untrained crew, as all our competitors do.


There’s no job too difficult or too large that we can’t handle!

New Spiral Systems

Looking to expand production or just need to replace the spirals you have?  Regal can build you a NEW spiral system to meet your specific needs. 



“Replacing broken stub shafts on our competitors spirals is common. Regal has skills and equipment to build parts right the first time!!”

Services Available:

  • NEW! Regal Belt Wash System
  • New Spiral Builds
  • Spiral Rebuilds & Modifications
  • Spiral Inspections
  • Heated Floor Systems
  • Box Builds & Repairs
  • Roof Repairs
  • Coil Drip Pan Replacement
  • Necklace Ring Replacement
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Only company in the U.S.A. where everything is manufactured on-site
  • Many components in stock & shipped next day
  • Quality & Dependable Products
  • Same crew builds & assembles your spiral

Supplier of Components:

  • Regal’s Proprietary Plastic Belting
  • UHMW
  • Bull Chains
  • Necklace Rings
  • Tooth Segments
  • Drive Sprockets
  • Regal’s Proprietary Grease
  • Regal’s Proprietary Oils
  • Regal’s Proprietary Lubricants

Regal Belt Pull Test – Finding the breaking point