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Our Turn Key Solution gives our customers the peace of mind knowing we will handle the project from start to finish, whether it is disassembling and moving equipment across the country and reassembling it in a new location, or rebuilding it from the ground up.

We can also install any new equipment in any location, and our spiral refurbishments are the best in the United States.

Our professional teams provide needed consultations to our customers, outlining the complete project and executing the project plan flawlessly.


Our team of experienced installers always expect the unexpected. This is why we can provide our customers with confidence and security in our ability to install all spirals and equipment correctly with superior products.  We understand that when the product line is down, it costs our customers time and money.

Old vs. New

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Our team can also repair existing equipment that our customers have on their food lines or spiral freezers.  We can assess the damage and replace the parts to bring it back online.


The most common projects done every year across the United States are retrofits:

  • Changing from plastic to steel belting
  • Changing from steel to plastic belting
  • Increasing belt width
  • Changing the direction of infeeds and outfeeds
  • Systems that are weak and can’t hold proper tierment
  • Repairing freezer boxes, repairing freezer floors, removing and replacing the entire freezer box

All of these problems can be solved in a turn key solution, and we will supply all materials, including track cap, drive bar caps, drive rollers, end rollers, center rollers, pillow block bearings, top & bottom bearings, bull chains, drive sprockets, gear boxes, and spiral belting.

Our years of experience have given us the knowledge to work with our customer’s existing equipment.  Should it be necessary to change belting (width, design, material because of product concerns), it can be done right the first time.

DCF 1.0Stacker System Refurbishment

Most stacker systems can be refurbished, at a significant savings to our customers, and is as good a quality as a new system at a fraction of the cost.

DCF 1.0Installing a used spiral & changing product clearance






We can provide complete service for your spiral systems.  These can be done on a quarterly basis depending on quantity of spirals.  We do provide recommendations on what to do for weekly and bi-weekly maintenance.  These service contracts will prevent unnecessary down time, save energy, and increase life expectancy on the UHMW and belting.


Maintenance Schedule

Free to new customers, we provide a complete inspection of facility, after inspection we provide a report on what needs to be fixed and how important these changes are.  Quotes are available upon request.

Here is a sample of the items checked and recorded during inspection: (Also, everything is greased during inspections and checked for broken parts.)

We do it right the first time!

Application Information:

  • Including: Product type, weight, temperatures, loading patterns, pcs/hr, and belt speed

Equipment Information:

  • Including: Manufacture, structure of material, belt washer, belt cleaning frequency, and lubrication of support rails.

Belt Information:

  • Including: Manufacture, type, age, specifications, condition, # of tiers, # of bays, track cap info, belt length, and more.

Cage/Chain/Segment Information:

  • Including: cage radius, bull chain info, necklace ring tooth segment info, segment info, top/bottom bearing type, and return wheel info.

Main Drive Electric Motor Information:

  • Including: Manufacture, model, SN, voltage/phase, mount type, RPM, shaft size, horsepower, drive bar cap info, main drive sprocket info, and main drive idle sprocket info.

Tension Tower Information:

  • Including: belt drive sprocket info, drive shaft info, and sprocket or clutch info.

Tension Drive Gear Box Information:

  • Including: Manufacture, model, SN, gear ratio, shaft size, chain size, and tooth count.

Tension Tower Electric Motor Information:

  • Including: Manufacture, model, SN, HP, voltage/phase, mount type, RPM, shaft information, and chain information.

Shaft Information:

  • Including: dead roller shaft info, end roller info, center roller info, pillow block bearing info, and bolt flange bearing info.

Box Information:

  • Including: dimensions, floor type, box type, curb info, sq. footage, panel thickness, and inside/outside material.